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I am using certbot --nginx to generate certificates for new sites that I add to my nginx configuration. When I add a new nginx conf file (example: sub.newdomain.com.conf), I am running this command to generate the cert for this new domain/conf file. I want to automate this entire process via some script or server function, but the certbot --nginx command requires manually interaction. First it asks which conf file to use (so I provide that) then it asks whether or not to add redirect (and I provide my answer).

Is there any way for me provide these instructions as part of the command?

Hi @turbopgt

you can use a config file:


And you can add





But it still needs some human intervention (for the first issuance)

-d was supposed to specify the FQDNs you wished to include in that certificate. (Example: -d example.com -d www.example.com -d thisisatest.example.com)

and as @JuergenAuer mentioned above, you could use --no-redirect or --redirect to specify if you want certbot to set up redirection.

FYI: if a certificate is close to expiration and you want to renew it, just run certbot renew. (this command could be used inside cron or systemd timers.

Thank you

Thank you this helped me a lot.

I am now able to run:

certbot --nginx -d www.example.com --no-redirect

And the result is a fully automated deployment. This command is now part of a larger script that is also generating the site-specific nginx conf file prior to this step.

For the curious, the only reason I have set --no-redirect is because the conf file being generated already has a redirect in place.

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