Certbot lighttpd plugin

Any chance of a certbot-lighttpd plugin?

Hi @borpin,

This is one of the oldest feature requests in the history of the Certbot project:

The most recent statement on this was by @bmw, who said

While we should do this in the long term, I unfortunately think the small Certbot development team probably won’t have a chance to get to this for a while. If you’d like to see this, I’d encourage you write your own plugin which we’d happily link to in our third party plugin section or accept a PR to land this feature into this repository.


Sad really. I’ve got a reasonably simple way of setting certbot up with a post renewal hook, just seems odd not to support one of the best alternative web servers.

Still, keep up the good work :smile:.


I know that lighttpd is really great in some ways (and I used it myself for a couple of projects at one point), but unfortunately its market share hasn’t been doing that well


and so it’s tough to prioritize development resources for integration with it, especially when a lot of users have found solutions like yours.

But I believe we would still accept a pull request if someone else writes up the integration!

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