Certbot failed to parse 'acme-v02.api.letsencrypt.org/directory'

I received an email telling me certbot could not renew my domain automatically (it did successfully for the past 4 years). When trying to do it manually with certbot renew I get this error :

My domain is: formation.comptoirdesredacteurs.fr

I ran this command: certbot renew

It produced this output: Cert is due for renewal, auto-renewing... Plugins selected: Authenticator apache, Installer apache Attempting to renew cert (formation.comptoirdesredacteurs.fr) from /etc/letsencrypt/renewal/formation.comptoirdesredacteurs.fr.conf produced an unexpected error: Failed to parse: https://acme-v02.api.letsencrypt.org/directory. Skipping. All renewal attempts failed. The following certs could not be renewed: /etc/letsencrypt/live/formation.comptoirdesredacteurs.fr/fullchain.pem (failure)

My web server is (include version): Server version: Apache/2.4.29 (Ubuntu) Server built: 2023-03-08T17:34:33

The operating system my web server runs on is (include version): Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS (GNU/Linux 5.4.0-164-generic x86_64)

My hosting provider, if applicable, is: DigitalOcean (droplet)

I can login to a root shell on my machine (yes or no, or I don't know): yes

I'm using a control panel to manage my site (no, or provide the name and version of the control panel): no

The version of my client is (e.g. output of certbot --version or certbot-auto --version if you're using Certbot): certbot 0.40.0

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Did you recently change your Python version?

I think your problem would be resolved by updating to the latest Certbot using snap (or pip venv if you must).

See this post for similar problem (which is rare)

And here for instructions to use snap on Ubuntu 18


Hi @Tryall, and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

Time for an update.
See: Certbot (eff.org)


The solution you pointed worked for me ! Thanks a lot !

(I ran sudo apt install --reinstall python3-six)


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