Certbot doesn't create an IPv6 socket

When I run certbot on my Raspian 9 system I get the error:

Stopping server at

This wouldn't be a problem if this was a IPv4 host, but this host only has an IPv6 address. Is there a way to force certbot is creating a IPv6 socket?

Version installed in Raspbian: certbot 0.10.2

The command I execute is: certbot -vvv certonly -d $domain

I just tested with the latest greatest certbot and there it works fine. I guess it's just a bug, which will never be fixed in Debian 9.


The information you provided above is insufficient in order for us to answer your question.

Could you also please at least provide us the following information?

Your web server:
The command you executed:
The full output:

Thank you

I updated my initial post.


For the authenticator options, which one did you choose? (Standalone? Webroot? Apache? Nginx?)

Also, you did not answer the “Web server version” question.

Thank you

The web server version shouldn’t matter here. It appears that standalone is in use, as that’s the only authenticator that would start listening on a port.

What certbot version are you having issues with, and which version is working? My guess is that the repo just doesn’t have the actual latest version, which is a common issue with OS repos. In this event, it’s usually better to install Certbot-auto from the EFF website instead.

Yeah, the standalone plugin has supported IPv6 since Certbot 0.15.0.

This is an awkward situation. :grimacing: Upgrading Certbot is the "right" thing to do, but using certbot-auto on an RPi is probably painful.

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