Certbot-auto MD5 or other hash validation


Guys, is there a MD5 or other hash signature avaliable for the certbot-auto script? I mean, I would like to validate all the shell script, so, it would be nice to have a signature prior to run it on my machine right? I didnt found it on the site or even in google.

Thank you!


You can use gpg to verify the script. Releases are signed by letsencrypt-client@eff.org. You can find more details here.


Thank you very much. I’m pretty embarrassed it was in documentation. Sometimes we are pretty much confident in Google or maybe using wrong expression search.

Anyway, thank you!


Since I was confused by a couple of things, other users may benefit from my mistakes.

  1. The instructions use gpg2 and not gpg. This matters slightly – I am no expert, but evidently gpg does not have a --recv-key option (it does have --recv-keys with an “s”, but that does not help utlimately).

  2. Stupid as it sounds, I failed to download the certbot-auto file itself first. This is my naivety – I thought gpg2 did this automatically.


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