Certbot 1.23.0 Release

Certbot 1.23.0 has just been released. The changelog for the release is:

1.23.0 - 2022-02-08


  • Added show_account subcommand, which will fetch the account information
    from the ACME server and show the account details (account URL and, if
    applicable, email address or addresses)
  • We deprecated support for Python 3.6 in Certbot and its ACME library.
    Support for Python 3.6 will be removed in the next major release of Certbot.


  • GCP Permission list for certbot-dns-google in plugin documentation
  • dns-digitalocean used the SOA TTL for newly created records, rather than 30 seconds.
  • Revoking a certificate based on an ECDSA key can now be done with --key-path.
    See GH #8569.

More details about these changes can be found on our GitHub repo.


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