Announcing Certbot 0.11.0

Certbot 0.11.0 has been released including the following changes.

  • Providing --quiet to certbot-auto now silences package manager output.
  • The UI has been improved in the standalone plugin. When using the plugin while running Certbot interactively and a required port is bound by another process, Certbot will give you the option to retry to grab the port rather than immediately exiting.
  • You are now able to deactivate your account with the Let’s Encrypt server using the unregister subcommand.
  • When revoking a certificate using the revoke subcommand, you now have the option to provide the reason the certificate is being revoked to Let’s Encrypt with --reason.
  • Removal of the optional dnspython dependency in our acme package. Now the library does not support client side verification of the DNS challenge.

As always, a full list of changes is available on GitHub:

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