Cert reports error on some, but not all, iOS devices

Our certificate for https://pgexperts.com is returning “not trusted” for some, but not all, iOS devices, including iOS devices running identical versions of iOS. We’re using the fullchain.pem for the certificate, and SSLLabs reports no issues… any idea what might be causing this?

Is it possible those iOS devices are trying to visit https://www.pgexperts.com (for which the certificate is not valid)?


Yep, in Germany / Europe this is sometimes a problem. Some people add www, same with subdomains. And the certificate is not valid.

Service at *.example.com, one customer has something like customername.example.com. And a new user visits www.customername.example.com -> *.example.com does not work.

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This is correct. Wildcards are only for that level. So, *.example.org matches one.example.org, but will not match two.one.example.org or example.org.

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