Cert per registered domain rate limit: per public key?

Is the rate limit for Certificates per registered domain (20/week at writing) applied to requests from a single public key, or for all requests from all public keys for that registered domain?

For instance, I’m requesting certificates for my own subdomains under a large registered domain, that could potentially have 10’s or 100’s of other admins also requesting certificates. Do we all share the rate limit?

The rate limits that you mention (20/week) are per domain, independent of account. So yes ( unless it's on the PSL), you all share the same rate.

The main limit is Certificates per Registered Domain (20 per week). A
registered domain is, generally speaking, the part of the domain you purchased
from your domain name registrar. For instance, in the name www.example.com,
the registered domain is example.com. In new.blog.example.co.uk,
the registered domain is example.co.uk. We use the
Public Suffix List to calculate the registered

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All requests from all public keys for that registered domain.

Unless the top level domain is registered with the Public Suffix List under the PRIVATE section you will all share the same rate limit.

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Thanks everyone for the quick replies! I sent a notice about this rate limit to other admins in our org and one of them said that they had already filled out the rate limit adjustment form and gotten the limit for our domain increased.

Problem solved!

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