Can't validate domains

Windows Server 2016 running IceWarp mail server. DNS A records ( for “” and “” point to IP of mail server. The “go2email…” subdomain is used for webmail access via browser to port 32000 (http) and 32001 (https). Both ports are open and listening.

Let’s Encrypt (CSR) fails on the “go2email…” domain. Domain “mail…” has PTR DNS record for delivery of mail from servers requiring it. “Go2email…” has no PTR record as it is only for webmail.

What am I missing?

thank, tom


In order for you to pass the HTTP DCV, you'll need to setup both domain on your server to accept incoming request and serve the correct token.

What ACME client are you currently using to obtain the certificate?
DNSMADEEASY Customers could use DNS API to obtain certificate automatically, with a ACME client that support this feature.

Thank you

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