Can't renew due to limit on domain


I guess I’ll be letting my cert expire for my no-ip domain, as it tells me too many certs have been registered.

Why is this limit still in place?


Refer to this post for more about rate limits:

As I understand it, your domain is a DynDNS domain, which is shared by many users, which is why you’ll run into the rate limits quite fast.

You have two options:

  • Switch to a DynDNS provider that is on the Public Suffix List or ask your existing provider to add themselves to this list (Note: This process can take a few months)
  • Get your own domain and create a CNAME record that points to your DynDNS domain. .tk domains, for example, are free.


As the pull request below as been merged, I think you will be able to renew then it will enter production (any ETA for this ?):