Can't Open - Country ISP Blocking May Be in Play

Hi Guys,
I can’t open the website from Iranian ISP.
I check it from 2 differents ISP from Iran. even can’t open
Sorry I don’t know it’s related to or not. but it seems there are some restrictions has been applied for Iranians.
Is there any problem from me?

Hi @peylight,

It’s possible that this restriction relates to some of EFF’s other work, which sometimes involves issues that may be controversial in Iran. If there is a restriction, it was applied by Iranian ISPs and not by EFF, which welcomes people in Iran to read our site (and also to download and use Certbot).

There are several other sources through which you might be able to get ahold of Certbot code and documentation.

  • If you can use an operating system package manager, you may have packages available for Certbot (e.g. with apt-get or yum).

  • If you can use pip, it’s possible to install Certbot from the Python package repository.

  • Also, if you can access GitHub, you can get Certbot from

Some of the documentation is included there and other documentation exists as part of

(The “certbot/website” repository contains the entire content of what you would see at, although not in browsable HTML form.)

It should be possible to run a copy of Certbot that you get from the GitHub site, even though this isn’t otherwise the most recommended way to do it.

Please let us know if any of these methods do or don’t work, or if you have any other questions as a result of trying them.

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