Cann't renew ssl certificate


I’m trying to renew received certifaceta, but nothing happens
like its described here I tried to launch
certbot renew
command in the folder where certbot-auto file is placed but it returns
-bash: certbot: command not found

What should i do more? may be i used some specific installer for my Debian 7 Wheezy + NGINX? What should I check for that?

How did you install certbot ?

if you go to the folder where certbot-auto is then try

./certbot renew


./certbot-auto renew

Hello! Thank you. I didn’t know that i have to add the “./” at the begining of a “certbot-auto renew” command. What is it doing?

“./” is just short hand for saying “in the current folder”

You could also type /path/to/certbot where “/path/to” is the full directory path to certbot.

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…and the reason the ./ is needed is because bash (the shell) only looks in specified places for programs to run. To see the paths that are searched, you can type ‘echo $PATH’ at the shell prompt. For security reasons, ‘./’ is not normally included in the path, but you could add it if you wanted.

The historical reason for this is that on a shared system, someone could create a program called /tmp/sl and then if a system administrator types cd /tmp; sl by mistake instead of cd /tmp; ls (or any of a huge number of variations on this!), the administrator would run arbitrary code written by another user, which might be designed to let that user take over administrative powers on the machine. So, unlike DOS and other microcomputer systems, a Unix convention is not to run programs in the current directory unless the user explicitly asks to do so.

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