Cannot issue SSL on cyberpanel

Thank you for you help
No it should not show Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page, it should go to my website directly

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Then you should fix your Apache and website first, before continuing with adding a certificate. Currently I see the default page and not your website.


can you guide me please on how can I fix this

I'm sorry, but generic "how do I set up a website" is out of the scope of this Community.


I will add you have something unusual with your server config. As I noted earlier, you should contact your hosting provider. They best understand how your site is configured.

You have Apache responding to port 80 requests but LiteSpeed for port 443

(this http request for home page returns default Apache page)
curl -I
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: Apache/2.4.41 (Ubuntu)

(this test http request responded to by Apache and 404 is expected for this test)
curl -I
HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
Server: Apache/2.4.41 (Ubuntu)

(this https request returns a page by LiteSpeed, ignoring self-signed cert error)
curl -Ik
HTTP/2 200
set-cookie:; expires=Sun, 26-Feb-2023 17:54:38 GMT; Max-Age=2419200; path=/; secure; SameSite=Strict
server: LiteSpeed

The error is here, that is where you should start looking.

Possibly add a file named sometestfile here
with just some text, something like "Hello, world."

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Please, and

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I would expect your web server to be serving this certificate | 7944459390
Actually why do you have your server serving up this certificate

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is this normal ?

Perhaps for the limited firewalling that system can do, yes.


Hi I solved my Apache issue and I issue the SSL successfully but my website still gives me a not secure connection, any thought ?

How did you issue the certificate?


Did you configure your LiteSpeed server to use it?

Because Apache is handling HTTP (port 80) but LiteSpeed is responding to HTTPS (port 443)

See the SSL Checker site for details (link here)


How can i configure litespeed server to use it
can you help me please?

You should contact your hosting provider for help on configuring your server (as I have suggested several times)


Here are a couple of forums


unfortunately, my hosting provider does not offer a managed VPS I tried to contact them many times but they could not help

Maybe it is time to vote with your money by take it to another Provider that will properly support you.


Then who manages that system?


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