Can I not get a cert for use on an Intranet?

My domains are:;

I was just curious here. I am just starting out business in the area of renting rooms. For the moment, I only have one house with the rooms rented out one by one. I own the two URLS above and even though I do not yet have a website, I plan to sometime in the next few months.

My question is, if I don’t have web accessible servers, I cannot get a cert from Let’s encrypt? I run a dedicated pfSense machine for network control since internet is included with the rental agreements and I would like to use a captive portal and/or a local only intranet for renters receipts and such. Local because I am not sure I am ready to set up my own web server on the internet yet nor am I willing to pay for hosting at this early juncture. pfSense allows me to add SSL certs right in for the captive portal and such. At the moment, in my testing it all works as I want it to but as you might imagine, the web browsers have a caniption fit since I do not have a legit SSL cert installed.

Just curious is all. Thank you for your time!

Yes, you can, but if those domain names do not resolve to publicly-accessible web servers you’ll need to use the DNS validation system instead.

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