Can I customized options-ssl-apache.conf in certbot?

Dear community,

I just installed CERTBOT, than I connected it to DIGICERT, in this way I can generate certificates, but I have got an issue.

All the new certificates are generated using the options-ssl-apache.conf, which has a very low security score on sslabs, I get a “B” grade.

After removing options-ssl-apache.conf and using my configuration I manage to get “A+” grade.

It is very useful this function, because it creates all the apache2 configuration, to fix the problem I need to manually adjust the configuration file to achive A+ grade.

I would like to know if there is a way to customize options-ssl-apache.conf, so that I can achive the maximum grade.

Thank you a lot.

In my own experience, if you have already setup SSL/TLS vhosts by youself and just need the certificate, certbot will not modify that virtual host to use the default "options" one.
You can also modify the options configuration file, and certbot will not touch that file (e.g. add / remove anything) from that file once you done so.

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