Caddy supports ACMEv2, automated wildcards, and HTTP challenge behind load balancers


Hi everyone – just wanted to announce that with the release of Caddy 0.10.12 today, Caddy now supports:

  • ACMEv2 (uses Let’s Encrypt’s production endpoint by default)
  • Automated wildcard certificates
  • Solving the HTTP-01 challenge as a cluster (behind a load balancer, etc.)
  • (Other improvements!)

For those who don’t know, Caddy is a web server like nginx or Apache but with Let’s Encrypt support built-in, no dependencies required. It just works. It’s the only web server that defaults to HTTPS!

It’s available for download now. You should also read the announcement blog post:

As far as I know, Caddy is the first client to support solving behind a load balancer without requiring any extra special configuration or modification of the load balancer.

So, try it out! I’m here to answer questions.


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