CAA Record Tag issue

I have recently implanted LetsEncrypt and found that when I go to renew my SSL I get a error with CAA record tags, I have checked my DNS and its looks to be setup following the guidelines.

I believe this did once work, however I can’t remember.

My domain is:

I ran this command: Rewed SSL via Acme on pfSense

It produced this output:
[Thu Jul 2 22:52:18 BST 2020] error CAA record with tag “issue” has incorrect value.
[Thu Jul 2 22:52:18 BST 2020] CAA record with tag “issue” has incorrect value.

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It appears to be an error generated by the Namecheap API, which is in turn due to a bug in the Namecheap plugin:

Someone has posted a workaround in the comments, but otherwise it looks like it won’t work unless you remove the records.

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thanks for that, I will follow that post!

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