CAA record for prevents issuance

Hello there,
I have been trying to reissue https certificate from for domain But at 4 step verify Ownership whent hit button submit challenge for I am getting an error " Error: Domain challenge failed. Please start back at Step 1. {“identifier”:{“type”:“dns”,“value”:“”},“status”:“invalid”,“expires”:“2019-09-25T04:57:49Z”,“challenges”:[{“type”:“http-01”,“status”:“invalid”,“error”:{“type”:“urn:ietf:params:acme:error:caa”,“detail”:“CAA record for prevents issuance”,“status”:403},“url”:“",“token”:“yBlU7-cf1eXfQariunczxHk4HYchWVTSFAzEWW12xIw”,“validationRecord”:[{“url”:“”,“hostname”:“”,“port”:“80”,“addressesResolved”:[“”],“addressUsed”:“”}]},{“type”:“dns-01”,“status”:“invalid”,“url”:“”,“token”:“yBlU7-cf1eXfQariunczxHk4HYchWVTSFAzEWW12xIw”},{“type”:“tls-alpn-01”,“status”:“invalid”,“url”:“”,“token”:"yBlU7-cf1eXfQariunczxHk4HYchWVTSFAzEWW12xIw”}]} "

Note: this time I was regenerating certificate because my previous certificate is expired.

The domain has a CAA record that bans all CAs from issuing certificates for it.

$ dig +noall +answer caa         1796    IN      CAA     0 issue ";"

Contact the domain admin to discuss it. The record either needs to be removed or one has to be added with a value of


If you don’t manage the DNS for this domain, I think you would need to contact the IT department of “eCommittee, Supreme Court of India” and ask them about it.


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