C# 4.7 post in https rest webservice using let's encrypt

I’m trying to make some requests using httpclient in C # .Net 4.7 (from windows 10) in a rest webservice that uses Let’s Encrypt Certtificate V3…

Serial number is 03696f6946977cd63d57cae0325468924d8d.

My problem is Let’s Encrypt is a real certificate? because when I make the request, it always returns an SSL / TLS error and the ServerCertificateValidationCallback is not invoked.

ServicePointManager.ServerCertificateValidationCallback = (sender, cert, chain, sslPolicyErrors) =>
true return;
what happens?? what am I doing wrong?

anybody can show C# code example???


It's too hard to guess with the information you've provided. It could be a protocol error for all we know. What could help:

  • A full code sample, or at least how you are invoking HttpClient.
  • Knowing what an actual domain/server you're connecting to is. The certificate serial you provided is a wildcard and doesn't provide a way to identify the issue. One of the domains gets an F grade on SSL Labs, so it's possible that the webserver configuration could be such that .NET can't connect.
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