Browser keeps using expired certificate after renewal

My domain is:

I have a windows server and i use win acme v2.
My certificates automatic renewal got authorization error so i had to renew it manually.

The certificate was correctly renewed but browsers keep showing the expired one.

i have checked on^&sort=0&group=none and it is listed
I have also checked on iis bidings and it is correctly assigned

it´s been 24 hours after i renew the certificated.

Hi @sistemasQT, and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

Have you restarted IIS?
(or whichever web server is using the cert)

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yes i have, i have restarted the site and the iis web server

That can't be right.
Use cert manager and verify which is the new cert.
Then make sure IIS uses that new cert.

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You did something differently and you should not need to renew manually. You may well have renewed the certificate but not applied it to the bindings. Check your IIS bindings again, you will see that there can be multiple certificates but they will vary by expiry date. Choose the correct certificate.