BIMI - Brand Indicators for Message and VMC

DigiCert wants $1,300 for a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC)...that's ridiculous to small businesses or personal websites THAT already has SSL, SPF, SKIM, DMARC in place.

How Let's Encrypt can help?

Not, unfortunately. It has been covered before, please see Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) and VMC Implementation for example.


That's sad and makes Let's Encrypt not worthy of using...I have a paid SSL and should not had to pay again.

For you personally perhaps, which is unfortunate. But Let's Encrypt keeps encrypting the web nonetheless with more than 300 million active certificates. So I wouldn't say Let's Encrypt is not worthy of using as a lot of other users care to differ :slight_smile:


BIMI is designed to require extensive manual verification, which is not something Let's Encrypt can do automatically.

Let's Encrypt has to be fully automated in order to stay free, so we can't do BIMI.


LetsEncrypt offers free DV SSL certificates. You do not have to pay for them. I am not sure how that makes LE "not worthy of using".

VMC certificates are distinct from SSL Certificates. Although they are technically similar, the two are not interchangeable.


Only if you've bought into the manufactured need for BIMI and VMC. Which there's no reason for you to do.

Previous discussion on the topic:

I think it's noteworthy, in the first topic, that eHarmony, one of the headliners that Digicert mentions, let their VMC expire over a year ago. Apparently they didn't see the value in it either.


Well, I am just angry with Namecheap who, despite paying for SSL and setting up strict DMARC still manages to use its remote transfer agent to send us spoof attempt messages bouncing back that should have been drop like how a firewall drops an IP.

I am planning on using Let's Encrypt in our hosting renewal at the end of next month and why I had appeal for something similar to BIMI.

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