Let's Encrypt EV

I have created lets encrypt certs for about a year now, The thing is I want to get the EV.

I am aware this is not free. I was wondering if lets encrypt offers a paid version so It can renew automatically on expiration, I am happy to pay for an auto renewing EV certificate from lets encrypt or some other issuer. I Dont want to update my eert manually each time it expires,

Does lets encrypt offer auto renewing EV paid certificatess?


Hi @ryan92

short answer: No.

Long answer: EV certificates require manual actions, no auto renew. So automation and EV don't work together.

And you should read

There are old threads (August 2015):

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Thanks for the super fast reply. So In short, I should not bother, letsencrypt is all I need?

If you want to auto-renew your certificate (for free), and you don't need OV or EV certificates, then the answer is yes.

Thank you


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