Best practice for posting - beyond the guidelines


I’ve gone through the guidelines, but are there any other best practice for contributing to the community? Even though I’ve searched a lot, the only two I’ve found are:

  1. Search before posting
  2. Check the FAQ before posting

For example, am I allowed to answer other user’s questions? Or do only support members do that?

If someone asks a question that’s already been answered in another topic, should the user just be linked to that topic? Or should the question be answered directly within the forum post as if the other topic didn’t exist?

Is there some topic that covers forum etiquette/rules/best-practices like the above?


Those are indeed in the welcome post Welcome to Let's Encrypt Community Support

Of course!


Hi @FlexiThemes, welcome to the community forum!

+1 to @tdelmas’ answer: Please feel free to enter discussions with other user’s questions!

We prefer the first approach: kindly linking to the existing forum thread. This helps reduce duplication/confusion and centralizes the community’s shared knowledge.

I don’t think there is but that’s a great idea :+1:


A lot of (most? :stuck_out_tongue:) question answering users here are not in any way affiliated with Let’s Encrypt. So yes, if you think you can help someone, please do!

Just be sure the problem really is (exactly) the same.


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