Banned ip i've managing 15 servers under directadmin, 5 vps like this one where there is no longer possibile update Let's encrypt on several domains, thanks

We're not blocking this IP address.


Yeah, you did not specify -6 so I think curl just defaulted to IPv4 in some of your tests when its attempt at IPv6 failed.


Please configure your website properly first before attempting to generate a certificate for it. The DA output suggests your site is not properly configured due to a missing hostname.


Thanks to all, i've carefully removed ipv6 from the vps and now appear working again.

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You might want to review what you have working. If you intended to switch away from Let's Encrypt to ZeroSSL that's fine. See this ssl test site that shows that:

Also, while the cert covers the name (and some others) it does not cover the domain name

I see your DNS still has IPv6 and I still cannot reach it from US East Coast. More importantly, neither can Let's Debug nor plenty of other people based on what we see.

Lastly, it looks like Cloudflare is involved somehow as I see a cert from it in I mention this mostly to alert others if you wish further help.

All that said, if you are happy I am happy. I am just a volunteer trying to help when I can.


Hi, i've also tried to test beta ZeroSSL support.
I've also switch back to latest namerserver used for nearly hundreds of domain on several servers (with Centos 7, 8, Ubuntu 20 and others Webpanel besides Directadmin).
At least i've only successfully renowed the SSL of, on the others domains the issue still remain.
I will migrate all sites to another server in the meantime.


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