Autorenewal is killing Apache

Since some time ago Apache has been dying and I think I found the root cause. I think it’s due to Lets Encrypt attempting an autorenewal, as you can see in the logs, and failing at it, not successfully putting Apache up.

Now, I don’t need a certificate anymore, I want to completely disable autorenewals and stop Lets Encrypt or Certbot from messing with Apache.

What should I do? Thanks. Logs below.

Apache error log:

Lets Encrypt log:

Hi @madprops,

If you installed Certbot from an operating system package, you should just be able to remove the package.

If you created either a cron job or a systemd timer, you should be able to remove that cron job or timer and then the Certbot renewal script will stop getting run automatically.

You can also find out your Certbot certificate name(s) with certbot certificates and then use certbot delete --certificate yourcertnamehere to delete them; if certbot renew doesn’t find any certificates installed, it won’t try to take any action to renew them (although depending entirely on how the cron job is set up, the cron job might still try to restart Apache sometimes).

Removed letsencrypt and certbot packages (plus autoremove). Hope it fixes the problem. Thanks

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