Auto renewal (refresher)

My domain is, My OS Ubuntu 14.04

I would like to auto renew my certificate. I followed the advice you guys gave me on auto-renewing (it’s been a little while) the certificates.
I just wanted to know if the path for the auto renew was correct.

Here’s what I put in my crontab…

17 */12 * * * /home/bitnami/certbotsetup/certbot-auto renew --quiet

17 */12 * * * touch /tmp/crontab-working

Is the path correct?

I followed this tutorial to install a new certificate for the smae domain

the guys website is back up

Thank You,

You can try it out by running it. Remove the --quiet to see what it does.

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There is no way for anyone outside that system to know where it was installed.
try and see if it is really there:
ls -l /home/bitnami/certbotsetup/certbot-auto

The second command seems to be based on what I suggested here:

This command isn’t relevant to the renewal, but is just a way to check that things you put into your crontab are having an effect at all.

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