Asustor lets encrypt using GUI - "mail is not correct"


I have always used the GUI at my Asustor (NAS) but it no longer works.
I keep getting bounced with “mail is not correct”, with any mail i input.

looks like this:

Is setting up an SSH access the only way now ? Asustor support is stupid slow to respond.


Hi hakd.
I’m having the same problem.
if you find the solution, please post here.
Thank you.

This could potentially be a misreported error about the Terms of Service change. (When client applications hardcoded the URL of the old Terms of Service, they started getting registration failures when the Terms of Service changes—which might be getting reported to the user as registration failures for a different reason. If this is the problem, it requires the software developer to update the software to be able to learn the correct ToS document URL from the protocol.)

Cc @cpu.

Thank you Schoen about your help.
Best regards.

I have gotten an answer from Asustor and the error is on there side.

Do you have the issue “unable to get certification from Let’s Encrypt” (Warning:Mail is not correct) ?We will release ADM 3.0.4 firmware to fix this issue at the end of Dec.

So a fix is finely on its way


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