Applying SSL to all sites on a Debian Server

Hey All! I am sure this may have been brought up and answered somewhere on the net, but I can't seem to word my question in such a way that yields good Google results. I am running a personal Web server that hosts a turnkeylinux Debian server with Wordpress (using standard ports 80 and 443). I am also running an AzuraCast Radio server instance in docker (port 81 and 444). I tried to create a letsencrypt cert and apply it to the server. This worked for accessing the wordpress site via https but broke the ability to play the radio station from the site as it was still using http. I had to disable the cert to regain access. My question is: how can I apply SSL for everything that runs on my server and not just the Wordpress site on port 80 and 443? Any assistance is appreciated and please forgive any ignorance from my side in advance. I have been IT for 15 years but am fairly new to the web hosting side of things.

My domain is:

My web server is (include version): Apache2,Docker

The operating system my web server runs on is (include version): Debian

My hosting provider, if applicable, is: Self Hosted

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Welcome @NSpecter

Radio streaming services are sometimes tricky, I don't mean to dismiss you question but you may have better luck at an AzuraCast forum. I believe they have their own github for example.

I saw on their website their docs say that for SSL it requires having its own domain and using only ports 80 and 443. It may be possible to proxy back to the Azura using Apache. That is easily done with "normal" web services but I am not sure if that works with a streaming service like Azura. You should review this post of theirs if you have not yet seen it:

You might also try searching this forum for Azura. It comes up only rarely but perhaps some will help

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If you intend on having the docker container for AzuraCart Radio server system maintain it's own ACME client, that is going to be a problem; As it would have to be reached via the external port 80 [for HTTP authentication].

If you can "share" or somehow "redistribute" the cert to the docker container, you could manage the certs from the main system.

That said, that is only the first part: Obtaining a cert with the name you require.
The second part: Using a cert within your specific program (AzuraCast Radio) is something that we would have little knowledge of here.


Thanks Mike! I have definitely checked out that doc and have followed it successfully in the past when only running AzuraCast and no other websites/apps. I will look into the proxy piece to see if I can find a potential solution there. Cheers!


Thanks @rg305 I am honestly thinking it might be far easier to migrate the WP site to a webhost and then just host the radio station internally. I would then be able to apply the SSL cert on the web host side to the main domain I could then point a subdomain (i.e. to the docker instance and apply a Let'sEncrypt cert to the self hosted server using the guide referenced by Mike above. Is that a feasible solution? Thanks!

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I think you can do as well by leaving the WP site as by moving it to a dedicated webhosting service.
That really only reduces a small piece of the puzzle.

Getting a cert shouldn't be too difficult.
Using the cert is the bigger trick.


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