Apply certificate about CA domain
abount this html (Production)
the status is "service Disruption" of the (Production) today, I see that this html provide other links I would like to know if this service exception can be replaced by other services in this page.

I'm having a hard time following you, perhaps because English isn't your native language? It isn't mine either :wink: But perhaps you could explain your question better in your native language and then we can try to make something out of it using Google Translate or other translation services.


You can expect the Let's Encrypt API/service to error regularly.

If you are building an ACME client you simply need to assume that sometimes the API will be unavailable or will fail, and try again later. In general, acquiring certificates is not time-critical (especially for renewals) but it can be annoying for new sites that you're trying to set up.

Outages in services are unavoidable (there are no major services which have never had an outage) and it's especially difficult for extremely high volume services.


Sure, you could use an entirely different CA.

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