Apache2 on Ubuntu 17 - Timeout during connect (likely firewall problem) but only when doing multiple names


I keep getting the timeout when I am adding multiple names. But If I just add a single domain at a time, then it is okay and performs the http-01 challenge fine. But more than one, it fails and timeout message.

I am on Ubuntu apache. What could it be?


Really hard to say without knowing the names and being able to send similar requests to see how your server responds.

You could try something like letsdebug.net on the names you are using to find anything obvious.


Thanks but it’s not related to any name. Any name works as long as I do it one at a time. It’s when I do more than one, then it fails.


I understand it’s not related to specific names, but if we don’t know your host’s IP address, there’s literally nothing we can do to help you.


Overzealous DDoS protection?
Overloaded web server?
Aliens “capturing your packets”?
[Of course we can only guess wildly until provided with sufficient detail as to allow for a more educated guess]

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