Any hope for iPad 1 on iOS 5.1.3?

I know about but that cannot be downloaded by an original iPad 1 on its latest available iOS 5.1.1.

Any hope for a device like this? It's still fully working and I'd like to use it along with my M1 iPad Pro :slight_smile:

Hi @stooovie

Try using Firefox as it has it’s own trusted root repository in it instead of using the OS’s.

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cannot access App Store to install FF. Time to recall oldschool methods like installing .ipa files through some sort of Mac App :slight_smile: thanks!

edit: Firefox requires iOS 8 minimum, no go

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If you’re willing to take the risk of using that old of device, why not just click Accept on the dialogue box and proceed to the site?

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not an option. "Safari Can’t Establish a Secure Connection to the Server"

it is an option on some pages but majority returns this

Is that even a certificate issue?
Sounds likely TLS cipher suits incompatible issues.


I don't really know. It's probably too old to do anything with it. I thought it would be a nice Pocket machine or something, but Pocket also returns SSL issue

Not really. They're nice looking bricks. We have one collecting dust, and I've not bothered to try rooting/jailbreaking it for a few reasons.

Apple is notorious for not supporting first-generation products.

In the case of the iPad... the first generation has barely any memory and a 32 bit ARM processor. IOS dropped support of that model after 5.1.1 - so even if you manage to backport some things into a bootleg OS fork, you're still not going to be able to run apps because of the small memory and differing CPU architecture.

version ram cpu
1 256mb 32bit ARM
2 512mb 32bit ARM
3 1gb 32bit ARM
4 1gb 32bit Apple
5 2gb 64 bit apple

There are some projects to run linux and other os on v2 ipads, but I don't think anyone has gotten v1 ipads to do anything.

So anyways, the ipad v1 has these flaws thanks to apple:

  • not nearly enough RAM to run anything from the start
  • a 32 bit chip, which hasn't been used in almost a decade
  • an ARM chip, which hasn't been used even longer

The app compatibility is not even an OS issue - though the OS apis have changed. Apple long ago dropped support for developers to compile on those chips.

In terms of getting the original apps for it... you might be able to use a MITM attack to proxy a connection to apple. I've seen some posts in the past about people jailbreaking an ipad to swap certs or enable MitM through a proxy, but I don't know what versions of ipads that has been done on.


Rehost the file on a site you control and can lower the protocols/ciphers until the iPad connects.


Use a proxy [that has lower protocol/ciphers] for all iPad Internet access.


Yeah, I know it's slow, it wasn't fast even in 2010 :slight_smile: Rn I'm jailbreaking it so I can at least install some old cracked IPAs. 3uTools is an incredible tool to do all sorts of things to an iOS device. But that's rather OT.

Funnily enough things like the original Google-backend Maps app still work. It's a nice curio.

Thank you!

edit: was able to install quite a few old apps via the 3U tool and they all work. Not what I was asking initially but the device is revived now, thanks!


that's such a great idea, thank you!


Which of the two?

  • rehost the file
  • use a proxy



both :slight_smile: i'll try rehosting first

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So, it was a twofer/bogo!

[two for one / buy one [great idea] get one free!]

One, or both, should do the trick.
Cheers from Miami :beers:


i was able to install the cert very easily from my website, I don't know why it didn't occur to me at all :slight_smile: (well, I'm a video guy, not an IT guy, although I do self-host tons of stuff).

it doesn't let me access most sites anyway. "Safari Can’t Establish a Secure Connection to the Server" still. It's weird as I can access likes of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Apple without issue but sites like (i'm Czech) give me the Can't Establish error. I don't know how certs work really.

edit: i installed WebOne proxy on my Proxmox and now the iPad can access almost anything.


And idea #2 "The BIG HAMMER" wins!