Adding new domains to domains.txt via dehydrated

Now that I have LE setup and working for my main domain, I would like to add the other hosted domains, but there only seems to be one command for dehydrate to generate and renew certs (–cron) and I don’t want to renew the cert so soon.

If I add new hosts to domain.txt and rerun dehydrated, will it be smart enough to only create certs for the domains that do not already have them?

And do I need to link the .well-known folder into each website’s root? What do I do about domains that do not have a website (I have several that are email only, for example)?

The best thing to do is ask on the developers site -

I think it’s intelligent enough to do as you are suggesting, but I don’t dehydrated so can’t say for certain.

Yes, you do need to link the .well-known folder into each website root.

For domains that don’t have a website, I personally use the DNS challenge.

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