Adding additional domains


I installed letsencrypt certificates using certbot but I only did and not

How can I add



You don’t say exactly what command you ran before, so I can’t give the exact command, but basically you need to use the --expand flag and then include both the and - see

I followed instructions on Certbot for Apache, Ubuntu 16.04.

Do I do letsencrypt renew --expand to add?

There are many ways you could have run the command on ubuntu. You could have used auto, certonal, webroot etc

Can you tell me exactly what commands you did run to obtain the certificate, then I can tell you what modified command to use to expand the certificate

I followed the command on this page

which command ?

letsencrypt --apache


letsencrypt --apache certonly

did you then select a number of domains from a list ? …

What’s the domain name (or subdomain) you are trying to modify - maybe I can work backwords from tthe certificate to give you the command.

letsencrypt --apache and only the summer subdominant I added shows up

Do you have the www subdomain configured in your apache ? (if so it should have showed up )

You can try

letsencrypt --apache --expand -d sub, -d

without knowing your exact detail though, I can’t be certain.

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What’s the difference between d and -d? Also what is the process to delete an added domain?

a typo on my part - they should both be -d

Why do I have to do -d Is it so that it stays?

You have to specify all the domains you want on the certificate.

One of the reason I have repeatedly asked for the domain name & exactly how you set it up originally is so that I could provide the detail of command you required - hence, without that, I’m just guessing that you wanted the cert expanded for only the and

Thanks a lot for your help <3

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