Add www to the certificate



I followed this tutorial:

And my works well, BUT i forgot to add to the letsencrypt-auto script,

so my question is, can I “add” the subdomain running the script only with the option “-d

Or I have to run both domains? “-d -d



You’d need to run both domains. You’ll probably also want to add the --expand flag to avoid issues with the certificates later on.



Will irunning the command afect to the rateLimit (I guess the certificates will be new) ?

What does --expand flag do?



It will be issuing a new certificate, so it will affect the rate limits. The --expand flag will (or at least should) keep the new cert in the same hierarchy–if your current cert is in /etc/letsencrypt/live/yourdomain.tld, the new one will be too. Otherwise it would probably go in yourdomain.tld-0001 or something like that.


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