Adding a cert to a VMWare app

We use AdTran Bluesicket vWLAN for wireless at our facility. I would like to add a cert to the vWLAN app but customers don’t have root access to the server. I can generate a CSR. Can I install LetsEncrypt on another server and use the CSR to generate the certificate, or is there some other way I could make it work?

Could you provide more information? Because I (and looking at the lack of responses other people too) don’t understand your question/problem.

vWLAN app? What does it do? Where is it for? Why does it need a certificate?
Root access to the “”“server”""? What server? Why should customers need root?
“another server”? What “another”? What was the first server in the first place and why should there be another?
And a CSR, how does that fit in?

Now, of course I could Google “AdTran Bluesicket vWLAN”, because I’ve never heard of it… But looking at all the threads in this community, if I were to Google everything about things I don’t understand and help all those people, I would very much like to get paid for all the hours of reading :wink: I think it would help a lot if you provide us with all the possible information, so we can help you with your problem without an hour of Googleling to only understand your problem/question… Only fair, right? :slightly_smiling:

Honestly, I just need an answer to the question. All of the rest is background. Can I install LetsEncrypt on a server 2 and use a CSR generated from Server 1 to create a certificate that I then install on Server 1?


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