ACME: Windows10 Apache (Wamp)

I run a Wamp-server (Apache 2.4) on a PC with Windows10 as OS.

Is there an ACME-protokol that can help me to install Let’s Encrypt for each of my sites? (and where can I find it?)
If not, what is my best alternative? (and where can I find it?)

If there is no ACME now, do you happen to know whether one will be available later, and if so approx. when?

Hi @losesten,

What is the domain that you are attempting to issue a certificate for? Does your Windows 10 server have ports 80/tcp and 443/tcp open?

There are several others who run WAMP and use Let’s Encrypt certificates. From a quick forum search I found the following threads:

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The 3th link you suggested is outdated.
I used parts of that guide for the 2nd link you suggested (wich is my post).
It’s based on Win7 but should also work for win10
Might save some trouble.

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I recommend you to use the DNS activation. I’ve been same problem and I created certificate with

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