ACME v2 Staging Server Known Bugs/Issues still up to date?

Hi (in particular @cpu),

I’ve noticed that the Known Bugs/Issues post (ACME v2 Staging Server: Known Bugs/Issues) hasn’t been updated for some time now, while several of the issues listed as open have been closed. Also, the topic was closed automatically a few days ago. Is the list there still accurate, and will it be further updated?


Hi @felixf,

My apologies, I had let that thread languish when the work to fix the bugs picked up :slight_smile: Thank you for the ping!

I’ve reopened the thread & updated it to be current with the known bugs.

Thanks again,

Hi @cpu,
no problem! Thanks a lot for fixing all the bugs! :slight_smile: I yesterday noticed that at least one of the bugs seemed to have disappeared.
Cheers and thanks!

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