ACME V2 - Getting single domain SSL for Wildcard SSL request

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My domain

We have been trying multiple times to get Wildcard SSL for above said domain but always ended up with single domain SSL certificate. Would it be possible to check logs to see if we never sent Wildcard requests?

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No need for log checking at Let’s Encrypts end: if you really requested a wild cardcertificate, but didn’t get it for some reason, you’d get an error. Let’s Encrypt wouldn’t just “leave out” the wildcard hostname and issue a certificate without it when the authorization for the wildcard failed.

I’m pretty sure the problem lies with your client or how you configured it. Unfortunately, you’ve decided to remove almost everything from the questionnaire, so there’s way too little information to help you further.


According to your domain information, you are using U2 cPanel? (Purely from reverse DNS check)
If you are indeed using cPanel ( as your control panel, what’s the way you obtained that certificate?

In your current situation, you should contact your hosting provider to ask for logs in their local system, instead of asking Let’s Encrypt. (Maybe it’s just different ways of how ACME client parse things)

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We have been trying custom ACME client and not cPanel inbuilt method actually. Let us try again and get back here.

429 (Error creating new order :: too many certificates already issued for exact set of domains:

Based on above rate-limit error, how many days will it keep the domain blocked?

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At most 7 days. (A week)

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If you succesfully manage to add a wildcard hostname, you’re not subject to that specific rate limit.

That said:

  1. the rate limit is a sliding window of 7 days;
  2. please test on the staging environment.

Well, then what ACME client are you using? or something on the list?
Knowing the client name (and version) and how you attempt to get the certificate (for example, commands you run) will at least help understand how the client works or (if any) whether you missed something during issuance.

P.S. That’s exactly why there’s a form present when you are opening a new thread.

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Thank you all for your response :slight_smile: The issue was with our code, I figured it out. Please close this ticket.

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