ACME v1 API Endpoint

Hi Guys,

I’ve read that the v1 ACME API Endpoint should still be operational? A previously working web call:{registration key removed}

now returns the following error (since the v2 API went live):

“type”: “urn:acme:error:malformed”,
“detail”: “Method not allowed”,
“status”: 405

Any help appreciated!

What is the request method? GET ? I am not sure it has ever been possible in ACME v1.

From the -03 draft:

Servers SHOULD NOT respond to GET requests for registration resources
as these requests are not authenticated. If a client wishes to query
the server for information about its account (e.g., to examine the
"contact" or “certificates” fields), then it SHOULD do so by sending
a POST request with an empty update. That is, it should send a JWS
whose payload is trivial ({“resource”:“reg”}). In this case the
server reply MUST contain the same link headers sent for a new
registration, to allow a client to retreive the "new-authorization"
and “terms-of-service” URI

(But I am not sure if Let’s Encrypt/Boulder actually implement this empty request idea).

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Yep, the v1 API still works and will for quite a while. As described above, account URLs are not GETtable.

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