dns alias

we have mail host
we have clients email domains hosted on
example :

most of the clients DNS are not hosted with cloudflare however is and is configured for api access with cloudflare
for clients not on cloud flare we were doing a standalone port 80 setup but would like to use alias
those clients have A records for their domains pointing to public IP address

if i add the _acme txt records to point to the (on the non cloud flare hosted domains) >>>> >>>>
Is this enough ? I’m confused by the alias part do i need to add another record ? what would i cname if i have to ? i cannot change the address as this is already configured on the clients devices …

Yes, as far as I know, the DNS resolver of the validation server follows CNAME records for DNS authentication.

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One way to find out for sure would be to try using the staging environment to test issuing a certificate.

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