be sure to type the s at the end of https:// or set forced https in your webhost peeps...

That's not a Let's Encrypt / ACME validation path. It sounds to me you're trying to acquire a certificate from a CA other than Let's Encrypt. However, this is the Let's Encrypt Community, which is kinda specifically meant for help with Let's Encrypt. While sometimes more general topics are discussed (such as TLS in general, an ACME client in general), this Community is not meant for help for other CAs.

That specific path is not something my webhost provided, just something I googled and connected to the /.well-known/ folder that my provider however did provide. default CA is letsencrypt so that's what I'm interested in.

In any case, those .well-known paths are usally used for getting the certificate. And you already have one, right? So I don't understand what the issue exactly is.

[quote="Osiris, post:4, topic:145941"]
cate. And you already have one, right? So I don't understand what the issue exactly is.
[/quote] My site still shows up as uncertified even though my letsencrypt certificate was accepted and activated and since my host mentions it, that folder was my only lead to me doing something wrong.

Hi @DIProgan

/.well-known/pki-validation is used by some other certificate distributors.

See (sample).

So that script may support such an option.

But creating a Letsencrypt certificate that method isn't used.

So your question isn't Letsencrypt-relevant.

I will edit that part away so it won't confuse more helpers since letsencrypt is indeed what I'm interested in.

Your question doesn't exist.

Please read some required basics:


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