Acme Changeller this is normal?


Hello, after renew SSL. i am using the DNS acme for this. preferred-challenges dns certonly

in analise SSL date i have the old date >>>

and in server terminal i have the new date for expirate with 89 days.

This is normal? The Sites analise SSL have the old date of SSL?



Hi @BarbaraEster

certonly doesn’t install the certificate.

Your website has the old certificate ( ):
expires in 5 days, - 2 entries

Did you reload / restart your server? That’s required to use your new certificate.

PS: You have one wrong link:

There is no valid certificate.

TrustFailure - The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel. The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.


Hello! Look for this >>>



certbot -d -d --manual --preferred-challenges dns certonly

I am using this before. And work! but i never test using the site ssl checker. the date in site is diferent of server.


Your webserver doesn’t use that certificate:

Did you restart your server?


no. i need restart server?


A reload is required so that your server loads the new certificate.


Ah ok! This is right?

or if i clicked in vultr Server restart. work too?

Very thanks!


That’s your nameserver. A nameserver doesn’t have a certificate.

You have to reload your webserver.

You have a

Server: nginx


Ahhh understand thanks!!! if i restart the server with this is right too?


Yep, that should work.


Now your certificate is correct:
expires in 90 days, - 2 entries

So don’t forget the restart if your certificate is renewed.


how you see this?

I using the reset ngix, and apache, is hybrid for this, and now i am restart server too.

I see for ssl checker online and not change the date Oo

this >>

conclusion, the website ssl checker not work right?


Ahh you checker in this website >



I use my own tool -

Created to make it easier to check all these things about certificates.

SSL Checker has some limitations: resolves to

Only one ip address is checked.

There are sometimes configurations with different ip addresses and different SSL configurations.

ipv4 works, ipv6 doesn’t work. Or one ipv4 works, the other not.

And the tool checks both domains - www and non-www.


Very thanks for help! concluding for verif SSL after reset server. Using this url right>

that this
not work right never. right? and today he display old SSL in sslshopper.

Very thanks!


Looks that this tool is really buggy.

I have an open FireFox-tab (yesterday evening). The result (after your server restart) was ok:

But using that tool now, the result is bad.

89 days versus 3 days

Using my browser - the certificate is created yesterday and valid 2019-06-16.

So you can ignore that result.


hmmm very thanks!!! Really have problem with this. Very thanks for attention.!!! xDDD

Have a great day!! xD


PS: There is an info:

These results were cached from March 14, 2019, 12:30 pm PST to conserve server resources.
If you are diagnosing a certificate installation problem, you can get uncached results by clicking here

So it’s a cached result. But clicking that link I have to answer a Google Captcha - no, I don’t want :wink:


Hahahahaha! lol the problem is cache auhsuahs ow God!! Very thanks for information!!! -