Acknowledge expirations

Just a quick question;

I'm retiring some domains that I had, and consolidating them into one domain (It's for my personal site). I'm receiving notifications that all the old domains are going to expire, which is perfectly satisfactory. Is there a way I can just send some kind of acknowledgement that the certs are known to be expired instead of being notified for a few weeks about it?

I don't want to unsubscribe as I am using LE for my new domain. I suppose I can also just "let it be" and just wait for the notifications to just stop, or be assumed dead.


Once the certificates expire, you won't get any more emails about them.


Adding on ... there are two warning emails for each expiring cert with a unique set of names


This is a feature that’s coming soon, as part of the new Renewal Info API: draft-ietf-acme-ari-00 - Automated Certificate Management Environment (ACME) Renewal Information (ARI) Extension section 4.2 “Updating Renewal Information”.

Until then, there’s no feature for that. You could remove the email address from the ACME account if all the certs in a given account are expiring, but that’s not ideal in any other circumstance.


That'll be nice.

When I started setting things up, I'd be using dyndns to create new domains and such, and because I didn't want misc stuff to end up in my primary domain, I'd setup different 3-level domain names, and it just became a pain to manage, so I simplified.

Going forward, unless I start getting more than 3-level domains (IE: http://*.first.second.third) my hope is that I'll just get notifications regarding second.third are about to die, and I can act on that. I don't THINK I want to go beyond 3-levels, but, I'm not that great at being a fortune teller...

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