Account questions

Some questions for custom client.

  1. Account lifetime if it is inactive for a long time (more than 90 days)?
  2. Maximum number of accounts for one domain/subdomain?
  3. Are rules allowed to create a new account every 90 days for one domain/subdomain?
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:wave: Hi @gov,

I’ll try to answer your questions.

Let’s Encrypt doesn’t expire inactive accounts.

The account creation process is separate from authorization or issuing for domains/subdomains. The account creation rate limits are as follows:

You can create a maximum of 10 Accounts per IP Address per 3 hours. You can create a maximum of 500 Accounts per IP Range within an IPv6 /48 per 3 hours. Hitting either account rate limit is very rare, and we recommend that large integrators prefer a design using one account for many customers.

You can create new accounts independent of domains/issuance/renewal. We recommend that you only create one ACME account and use it for all issuance.

Hope that helps,