Abort trap (core dumped) on OpenBSD 6.0

About to sign a new certificate with letsencrypt/certbot on OpenBSD 6.0

I am doing a certbot -certonly -d xxx.xxx.xxx

and OpenBSD returns:

Abort trap (core dumped)

my /var/log/messages logs says:

python2.7(22408): mmap W^X violation

Googling this directs me to:

But I am not sure that I understand it.

How to move on on this error (especially when I am about to renew my certs)

Thanks, Lars.

This looks to be an issue with Python itself, or perhaps one of the Python modules certbot uses. I’m not really sure how to go about finding the exact cause, unfortunately.

What I do understand from the link above is that the BSD-guy does not like the “W^X” thing:

“W^X violations are no longer permitted by default”

… which as I see makes Letsencrypt unusable on OpenBSD. Especially when letsenc. needs to be renewed so often, it is a pain in the a…


Any workaround to this?

Regards, Lars.

As far as I’m aware certbot is usually stable on BSD.

You could try one of the alternative clients, if you prefer, rather than debugging further with python.

The workaround is to add wxallowed to fstab like:

xxx.h /usr/local ffs rw,nodev,wxallowed 1 2


Regards, Lars.

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