502 Bad Gateway after renewing the cert. Thanks for any help


Hey guys, I have nginx on Ubuntu 14… I have a cert expiring tomorrow. So I renewed it using
./letsencrypt renew command

It showed me the success msg :slight_smile: all good. But when I try to visit the web it shows 502 Bad gateway.
You can view it here: digitalnomad.chat

I checked the directory on the server : cd /etc/letsencrypt/live/ it has now two directories one digitalnomad.chat (original) and other digitalnomad.chat-0001 (this one showed up after the renewal

So I got confused coz in my nginx config I have mydomain.com path to the cert key. So I went to the config and changed the path to the mydomain.com-0001 - like in the picture

But that didnt solve the issue.
I am very new to this world. Any help or direction will be highly appreciated.


have you tried restarting the server

some servers cache the certificates and do not load them again until they are restarted


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