Unable to renew certificate, nginx keeps responding with 404

I, I’ve already asked this on Stack Overflow, but have not yet had a response there, so I’m cross posting here.

I’m hoping someone is able to shed some light on this. I’m obviously doing something stupid :confused:

AHA … never mind I literally just realized my mistake after making the post!!

Basically, I used --webroot when I first issued the certs, and of course, I have to run the renew with --webroot as well, which I forgot >.<

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Hi @andrewebdev,

Certbot should remember your preference to use webroot authentication, as well as the specific webroot directory that you used. If it doesn’t, this could be a serious bug!

If that is the case then I’m probably doing something else silly, and I’m sure it’s not a certbot bug. I had a look at the site config and the webroot path is indeed present in there. I must’ve done something to make it work correctly yesterday, and today after trying the change on a separate cloud instance of the site it’s failing again.

You didn’t give us your hostname to take a look, but one common thing recently is having a server that doesn’t respond on IPv6, despite advertising an IPv6 address with an AAAA record.

hostname is www.cityxplora.com … I’m still trying a couple of other things that come to mind. will report back

Right, this is now fixed proper. May apologies for wasting any time if I did. Turns out I made a silly mistake, and didn’t realize I had another server {} definition in a separate nginx config that was catching the request path and trying to handle it.

And yes, it does work without need to specify --webroot

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