403 error after installing certbot

My domain is: reforgedmaps.net

So I just finished this certbot guide, to install let’s encrypt on my AWS EC2 instance and get the free certificate. This is the guide I am following https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/SSL-on-amazon-linux-ami.html#lets-encrypt-alami. So the problem I am facing is that now, my page is showing a forbidden 403 error. This did not happen before I installed certbot.

The guide assumes a 100 % default Apache configuration. Was your configuration default, or did you modify it at some point before running certbot-auto?

What is the contents of the files in /etc/httpd/conf.d/? Please put the contents of those files between “Preformatted text” blocks here on this forum with the “</>” button presented in this input field above.

I modified the httpd configuration before I ran the tutorial, to restructure my folders into www/websitename/public

content of conf.d is

Not the contents of the directory, the contents of the files please.

Could you please edit your post and put the contents of the files within “Preformatted text” blocks with the “</>” button?

like this ? It does not really work for me. i did put it in preformatted text.

It looks like the only thing those files contain are some defaults. There’s no mentioning of the Let’s Encrypt certificates, nor can I find the default virtualhost.

Are there any other config files in /etc/httpd/?

And what is the output of apache2ctl -S?

it says that command was not found.
there are more folders in httpd that was just the content of conf.d folder. The conf folder contains httpd-le-ssl.conf and the httpd.conf and a file called magic

omg I just realized what was the problem posting my httpd config. I forgot to add one folder more to the filetree lol. Thank you for the help !

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