3 million issued certs and almost 2 million unexpired certificates

and about 20 875 000 certs issued in total only under X3

Apparently the French ISP Free is also a big fan, and they’re a major sponsor of Lets Encrypt (which would also explain in part the huge takeup in France).

First time I have actually seen the stats page, this growth is so damn impressive. Well done to the team of Let’s Encrypt and the great User Community here … this is clearly taking the world by storm.

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  • 8 December: 14 909 991 certificates active.
  • 9 December: 16 195 162 certificates active.
  • 9 December: 1 278 673 certificates issued.
  • 9 December: 20 000 908 fully-qualified domains active.



identrust is now on 5% of all websites.

it will almost be funny how far they will fall when LE switches to their own root…

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IdenTrust is now used more than Symantec Group, according to W³Techs (top ten million websites). :slight_smile:

Please don’t say “% of all websites” (especially for W³Techs) as this is simply is not true! They only query the top 10 million sites of Alexa (cf. https://w3techs.com/technologies and https://w3techs.com/faq).

20 179 033 certificates active 2016-12-19. :slight_smile:

IdenTrust’s root certificate is now used for six percent of the top ten million websites (W³Techs). :slight_smile:

IdenTrust’s market share is now 20,0 % according to W³Techs.

2017-02-09: 25 517 943 certificates active.
2017-02-10: 26 215 687 certificates active.

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2017-02-23: 29 672 928 certificates active.
2017-02-24: 30 032 131 certificates active.
2017-02-25: 30 168 591 certificates active.

IdenTrust’s root certificate is now used for eight percent of the top ten million websites (W³Techs). :slight_smile:

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